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Women’s Projects

Project Hope - Training
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Women’s Projects

Beneficiaries30+ Families | 100+ Students, Projects Participants
DemographicsWidows, single mothers, women and girls ages 7+
FacilitiesSecure Residential Complexes at 3 locations
ServicesAcademic, Religious, Vocation Education, Counselling, Business Loans, Housing, Stipends
ProgrammesProject Hope, Al-Mumtahanah Institute, Dar al-Arqam

More than 75% of the nearly 13.5 million displaced Syrians are women and children, widows and orphans who are often left with little to no support system to meet day-to-day needs. Our Women’s Relief and Empowerment projects embody four of the major principles of our organisation’s ethos. Education, development, activation and self-dependency. These programmes give much needed support to one of the largest populations affected by the ongoing war and conflict, who are also one of the most vulnerable and at risk; women and children.

Project Hope
Our widows and orphans housing complex takes care of all of their social needs. Where it differs is in empowering women and making them into strong leaders for the future. Full time education programme for widows includes:
• Academic subjects
• Islamic subjects
• Admin and computing
• Psychological counselling
• Training

Dar al-Arqam
With suicide rates increasing in the freed territories. Dar al-Arqam is The only specialised recovery hospice in freed Syria that deals with mental health issues and PTSD for widows. It is a safe space for them to come and live until they get the counselling they require and reintegrate back into society.

Dar al-Amal
Dar al-Amal is the “Place of Hope,” a residential complex and refuge where those who reside can recover, learn, grow and work to see that their hopes, dreams and aspirations become reality. The project began in the Fall of 2018 as an holistic programme encompassing academic, religious, vocational and rehabilitation programmes and is intended to provide both shelter and assistance to widows and orphans but to also help them become those who distribute assistance and teach and help guide others to achieve their potential and dreams.

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We are a front-line humanitarian organisation working in the midst of war-torn Syria since 2012.