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Primary Relief

Projects - Primary Relief
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Primary Relief

Beneficiaries1,000+ families
DemographicsIDPs, Orphans and Widows
ServicesMonthly Food Boxes, Daily Bread Distribution, Hygiene & Toiletries Packs, Clothes, Temporary Shelters, Heating & Seasonal Supplies.

Our Aid Department focuses on responding to the people’s basic needs, in both emergency and crisis situations as well as the day-to-day affairs, providing all forms of primary relief from food, water, hygiene packs to temporary shelters, and medical support. It also oversees the distribution of seasonal aid such as winter clothing, blankets, heaters and fuel as well as special aid in times of crisis.

In several residential compounds and camps we distribute bread daily, we also provide food boxes, monthly, which contain staples such as sugar, salt, rice, oil and tinned items. We also run a kitchen which provides hot meals and food to IDPs twice daily or as needed in times of emergency or special events.

Monthly hygienic packets are distributed to families in camps and residential compounds. Including soaps, shampoos, feminine hygienic products and dental care products such as tooth brushes and paste.

As need and demand dictates, we provide emergency and temporary tent shelters to displaced families. We have constructed several tent camps in Syria each accommodating between 100-200 families.

General Aid
In addition to food, hygienic and temporary shelters we also provide seasonal aid in the forms of heaters and clothing and items appropriate to the climate or regional needs. Blankets, bedding, carpets, fuel, mosquito netting, tarps and rain gear are all available as needed. Monthly cash stipends and vouchers at local stores also allow individuals and families to meet any other needs they may have.

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We are a front-line humanitarian organisation working in the midst of war-torn Syria since 2012.