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Services - Infrastructure - Masjid Ali Banat
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Built19 Solar Power Stations | 3 Wells | 2 Water Towers | 19 Masajid
BeneficiariesMasajid, Residential Complexes, Hospitals, Schools, IDP Camps
FacilitiesSolar Power Stations, Masajid, Wells & Water Towers
ServicesRoad & Sewage Maintenance, Civil Planning, Construction, Repair & Refurbishment of vital infrastructure

Rebuilding Syria is vital for the future. Iqra has built roads, sewage networks, refugee camps, residential complexes, masajid and solar stations all across Syria. Our experienced team of engineers, architects, craftsmen and specialists ensure we are able to provide much needed infrastructure, stability and security, building a better, brighter and safer future for the communities we serve.

Syria is currently facing one of the greatest humanitarian catastrophes in recent human history. It is estimated that as of early 2020 the number of newly displaced people reaches 1 million, most of whom are women and children, widows and orphans. We have overseen the building of residential complexes, concrete block units, tent shelters and camps to provide not just a shelter but a home. Places where families can feel safe, secure and can begin to rebuild their lives and heal.

Solar Power
Years of war have left the electric sector virtually destroyed, access to power is paramount for the functionality of many institutions. Iqra has installed and maintained 19 solar power systems for hospitals, clinics, schools, Masajid, housing complexes, water distribution systems, religious education centres and refugee camps. Electricity enables these vital institutions to provide services to the people most in need, and we are proud to be a part of making their work easier and more efficient.

Having regular access to clean potable water is something often taken for granted. A reliable and constant source of water is a major key to self-sufficiency and sustainability and a fundamental necessity for every person. Iqra has dug three wells and erected two water towers providing water for several housing complexes, camps and a school to ensure that twenty-four-hours a day students, widows, orphans, and the displaced are not denied access to this basic and vital necessity.

Since 2011 40% of the masajid in Syria have been destroyed. the masjid plays an important role in the lives of all Muslims, and Syrian society, Iqra has tirelessly worked to rebuild and establish masajid wherever they are lacking. To date we have built and maintain 19 masajid in various localities in the freed territories. These are not just buildings of brick and mortar but the heart and soul of the congregation built from their shared beliefs and held together by their conviction and sense of community.

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We are a front-line humanitarian organisation working in the midst of war-torn Syria since 2012.