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Iqrac Charity - Services - Education
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Established2 Primary Schools | 3 Nurseries
Beneficiaries460+ Children
DemographicsChildren & Orphans aged 1-15
ProgrammesMy Childhood Nursery, Abna Ashaam School, Dar Haleemah al-Sadiyah Nursery, Abna Ashaam Satellite School

Our focus is education. We have built nurseries, primary and secondary schools, adult training centres, women’s empowerment institutes, Islamic centres and masajid all across free Syria. All to ensure that the people develop the attributes and skills enabling them to help, teach, lead and benefit themselves and others, thus maximising the impact and investment of our efforts. If you build the people you build the society and future.

We have opened multiple nurseries in Syria, which provide children the opportunity for the acquisition and development of early years foundation stage (EYFS) techniques in a stable safe environment. Our well trained staff utilise Iqra’s Education Department’s custom curriculum to help prepare and shepherd our young learners from pre-primary to primary education.

We mange three primary schools and provide training for the staff and curriculum to many more. Our custom curricula, encompasses both Islamic and general academic studies in order to achieve a higher level of education while inculcating the values and principles of research, cooperation, thoughtfulness. This comprehensive system aims to ensure our students are able to compete in the general academic subjects while promoting rich character development and a strong Islamic foundation, providing them with the life skills they will need to be healthy and productive leaders of society.

More than a thousand children currently benefit from our religious education programmes. Our Islamic curriculum is based on a syllabus provided by the Board of Scholars and Islamic Affairs Office, which nurtures both the spiritual and intellectual needs of the learner. We teach our pupils in a religious environment, inculcating Islamic culture as a matter of course. Our integrated curriculum enables students to make optimum use of their invaluable time while covering a wide assortment of Islamic sciences including:

  • Quran memorisation
  • Tajweed
  • Tafsir
  • Creed & Doctrine
  • Classical Arabic Grammar
  • Fiqh
  • History (Seerah, Lives of the Prophets, and Islamic)
  • Hadith

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We are a front-line humanitarian organisation working in the midst of war-torn Syria since 2012.