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Abna Ashaam School

Flagship Projects - Abna Ashaam
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Abna Ashaam School

Abna Ashaam School opened its doors in 2012, in the village of Atimeh, our motto: “Building a New Generation through Education” reflects our view that our students are the future of our societies, who will be tomorrow’s leaders, innovators, problem solvers and those who will beneficially impact, not only their own society, but the world.

Abna Ashaam School currently has a student body of 300 ranging from ages 6-15. The foundation years of instruction (grades 1 to 3) are coeducational, the intermediate (grades four to 6) and senior years (7 to 9) are divided upon the basis of gender with separate facilities accommodating each group. The campus comprises of three buildings, with specialised facilities for faculty, staff, and students, as well as hosting training and community events.

Beneficiaries312 Students | 65 Employees
DemographicsDisplaced Children & Orphans ages 1 month-15 years
FacilitiesNursery, Stables, 3 School buildings housing; 21 Classrooms, Staff offices, Prayer Hall, Print Shop, 3 Libraries, 3 Enclosed Recreation Areas, Training Centre, 3 Conference Rooms, 2 Kitchens
ServicesChild Care (1 month-5 years); Pre-Primary Education (2-5 years); Primary Education (Grades 1-9); Riding Centre
ProgrammesAbna Ashaam School, Dar Haleemah al-Sadiyah Nursery, Ertugrul Gazi Riding Centre

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We are a front-line humanitarian organisation working in the midst of war-torn Syria since 2012.