Services - Medical - Patient Transport

Our recovery hospices look after those injured by years of brutal war, providing them with regular check-ups, and physiotherapy.

Crisis Relief

Iqra Charity - Services - Crisis Relief

Whenever there is a crisis our teams are among the first to respond. Emergency evacuations and relocations, search and rescue, and ambulance transport are just some of the vital services we provide, often in areas actively under bombardment.

Women’s Projects

Project Hope - Training

More than 75% of the nearly 13.5 million displaced Syrians are women and children, widows and orphans who are often left with little to no support system to meet day-to-day needs.


Iqra Charity - Services - Festivities

Iqra has sponsored a a wide variety of extra curricular activities, ranging from football, karate and horse riding to sewing and knitting courses, day trips to amusement parks, picnics in the mountains and swimming parties.


Quran - Girls Class

We understand the great importance of learning and teaching Quran ensure that it is a cornerstone of many of our programmes.


Iqra Charity - Services - Orphans

Our work with orphans is special and unique in the arena as we extend our services beyond only just a concern for food, shelter and clothing or financial assistance as most other programmes do.


Iqrac Charity - Services - Education

Our focus is education. We have built nurseries, primary and secondary schools, adult training centres, women’s empowerment institutes, Islamic centres and masajid all across free Syria.


Services - Infrastructure - Masjid Ali Banat

Rebuilding Syria is vital for the future. Iqra has built roads, sewage networks, refugee camps, residential complexes, masajid and solar stations all across Syria.

Primary Relief

Projects - Primary Relief

Our Aid Department focuses on responding to the people’s basic needs, in both emergency and crisis situations as well as the day-to-day affairs.