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Israa Mannun

Dar Al-Amal Student Israa Mannun
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Israa Mannun

My name is Israa Mannun, I come from a good family. But because of the war we have all suffered. We lost our home and had to leave our village everyone was under a lot of stress and my mother became very strict with us.

War and displacement, affected all of us emotionally. I became withdrawn, and my mother became more stern with us. No one in the house could express their opinion or even ask for things like food, new clothes or to go to school. Those were hard times. Then we came to Dar al-Amal and things began to change.

The women who worked here helped me to feel more confident and I started to make friends and became more social, they also helped me go back to school. And I made new friends from the other women and girls here and also at the school.

My mother though was always very concerned for us, and worried about our situation and because of this she sought to get me married and I was engaged to a man I had only just met. The women here made a small ceremony for me that helped me to feel more welcome and to make more friends. I felt like things were getting better.

Then my fiancée broke off our engagement and I started to feel sadness creep in again, and started to withdraw again. But the women here didn’t leave me alone, they kept encouraging me and comforting and supporting me.

Because of all their support, especially the principal of my school I began to recover from my depression and I realised that here I wasn’t alone and I had friends around to help and support me. Now I have a job, and am continuing my education and will not stop or give up until I am successful!

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