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Ghazi Emad al-Sayyad

Abna Ashaam Student Ghazi Emad Alsayyad
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Ghazi Emad al-Sayyad

My name is Ghazi Emad al-Sayyad, I never knew my father, he was killed before I was born. My mother and I have had to flee from place to place, because of the war. Our lives have been difficult, having to move, being homeless being afraid of bombs. One of the hardest things has been not knowing my father.

Even though I never met him, I miss him. It is not easy growing up without a dad. Everything I know about him comes from what others have mentioned. They say he used to say about me with such pride and conviction, “my son Ghazi will be a surgeon!”

I want to live up to his dreams, his hopes for me. One of the bright spots in my life has been settling in a place where I could try to work towards the goal. I want to become a doctor. I remember when I began my first day at Abna Ashaam it was a chance to start on reaching that dream.

I want to be a doctor not just for my father’s memory but to help others. I want to alleviate the pain and suffering of people and help. My journey has just began, I am only in my fourth year but will continue on until I reach my goal and help build a better future!

We are a front-line humanitarian organisation working in the midst of war-torn Syria since 2012.