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Abeer Al-Faris

Iqra Charity - Staff - Abeer Al-Faris
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Abeer Al-Faris

In 1993 I graduated from school and enrolled in Halab University where I studied Arabic Literature, a month after beginning university I married, and the year after gave birth to the first of two sons. I took time off from teaching to focus on my family and in 2001, after graduating from Cosmetology school I opened a beauty salon which a ran for five years. Although I didn’t find the work fulfilling I continued so as to improve and maintain our standard of living.

I had my first daughter Sama in 2003 and three years later began taking Islamic education courses in the masajid of Hanano where we had moved. I made the transition from student to teacher when I began teaching children in the masajid while also continuing my study of Quranic Sciences.

In pursuit of my religious studies I received numerous certifications; in recitation of Quran, Forty Hadith al-Nawawi, and ijaza for the recitation of Quran in Hafs and Sho’uba from Sumaya al-Sayid Issa. During my two-year tenure as director of Thebes Sharia Institute the student body swelled from the initial 25 students to 750.

After the revolution started I began moving from masjid to masjid teaching students and training teachers in the sciences of Quran. I also continued pursuit of university studies via several online university courses.

After the outbreak of war I suffered from several injuries due to the indiscriminate bombing of the liberated areas. Mostly due to the contentious travel between masajid and educational institutions. The most serious injuries occurred in 2016 when we were returning from Turkey, the driver of our car was killed and a colleague and I sustained severe injuries.

I was active in the community working and speaking on the issues of women’s and children’s rights and appeared several times on the satellite program Halab Today. I was a manager and co-founder of Masarrat Institute, I became the head of the Society Development sector where I worked for six years before joining Iqra Charity.

In 2019 I was appointed as head of the Women’s Relief Department of Iqra Charity where I took on the administration of several projects like Dar al-Amal, Dar al-Arqam and al-Mumtahana Institute. I continue my work here and strive to elevate and improve our services and the quality of our work.

We are a front-line humanitarian organisation working in the midst of war-torn Syria since 2012.